The Widgit Symbol Library

The Widgit Symbol Set has been developed over the past 30 years and contains more than 12,000 symbols, which cover an English vocabulary of over 40,000 words.

Widgit Symbols are used all over the world, supporting 17 languages, and we’re proud to have them as part of the TalkingTILES library of symbols.

The symbol set is organized in a schematic structure with ‘rules’ for the way in which they are formed. Widgit offers a great user’s guide on how to effectively use this set for learning and communicating. Below is an overview of how the symbols are organized:

The Widgit Symbol Set is organized into clear and simple categories and sub categories, for ease of reference and location. The symbols conform to a clear schematic structure to help learners develop their vocabulary independently.

Refer to Widgit’s Guide to Symbols – a great resource for learning and utilizing this symbol set.

The vocabulary illustrated by Widgit Symbols covers an extensive range of topics, including a wide range of curriculum areas such as Science and Math.

Learn more about the “Level of Symbols” and “Qualifier” symbols being used by Widgit.

Try out Widgit Symbols from TalkingTILES and share with us your stories!

All the best – Team Mozzaz!

TalkingTILES + Windows 8 = Compelling Assistive Technology

On February 28th, we proudly announced our newest member to the TalkingTILES family – Windows 8! With Windows finally coming into the tablet world with some great devices that perform really well and their own app Store makes the whole tablet / mobile computing world a little more interesting.

Why Windows 8?

·         Windows is Assistive Ready

o   Windows Ease of Access Center runs in Windows 8 with some additional features including Narrator and a screen reader, an enhanced Magnifier for the new Windows 8 Modern UI Tile screen and the enhanced Speech Recognition feature.

·         More than just Surface tables – device choice!

o   Windows 8 is the touch-friendly operating system that can run on PC desktops and tablet computers. This includes non-touch computers as well as the newer touch screen laptops, hybrids and tablets. Big screen all-in-ones like a 27” Acer to the smaller 10” Surface tablets.

o   Check out all the latest models on Microsoft’s PC site – pretty impressive:

·         Windows supports adaptive hardware

o   With Windows 8 support for USB and Bluetooth makes adding adaptive hardware to your Windows 8 device very functional. Check out the great products at Enablemart:

Also read how TalkingTILES supports these devices in other posts: Switches and Accessibility.

ATIA 2013-Great Experience

The Mozzaz team was in full force in Orlando for the ATIA 2013 conference. While Toronto was digging out of a snow dump, the team was busy meeting and greeting people at the conference in sunny Orlando! It was amazing to meet so many people with TalkingTILES already installed and sharing their great stories on how it’s helping their clients in AAC therapy. People loved the remote programming and collaborative aspects to TalkingTILES and are looking forward to our next version with customizable grids and type-to-speak features.

Here are some pics from the show:

We were lucky to be featured in the Microsoft booth with TalkingTILES running on the new Windows Surface RT tablets. The Surface tablets were definitely drawing a lot of attention and many were pleased by the power of these devices and their versatility.

ATIA 2013 – Great Connections, Great Conversations

We got a chance to show-off TalkingTILES working with our assistive device partners. Below Melissa was demonstrating TalkingTILES running on a large touch-screen TapIT monitor with TapIT CEO, Dr. Raymond. As well, we demonstrated TalkingTILES working with Jouse2 from Compusult, the joystick that is controlled by your mouth. Both great examples of how TalkingTILES can easily work with assistive devices right of-the-box.

ATIA 2013 – Great Connections, Great Conversations

And we had some lucky TalkingTILES winners at the conference, Evelyn Walker from Citrus County Schools won the 6 month subscription and Dr. Mary Ann Lowe from Nova Southeastern University who won a Windows Surface RT tablet. Congratulation winners!!

ATIA 2013 – Great Connections, Great Conversations

Hi-5’s and thumbs up at the TalkingTILES booth!

ATIA 2013 – Great Connections, Great Conversations

We would like to thank Daniel Hubbell, ATIA Board President, and the entire ATIA events team for giving us an opportunity to be a sponsor and enjoy a great experience at the conference!

ATIA 2013 – Great Connections, Great Conversations

CSUN 2013 & We Have a Winner!

Well team Mozzaz was at it again with another first time conference –CSUN’s 28th Annual Center on

Disabilities conference in San Diego.

This event was extra special for us as we announced TalkingTILES for Windows 8 devices and computers. With the flexibility and power of the assistive technology features in Windows 8 coupled with the touch-friendly tablet devices will make these machines very compelling for professionals and their clients for therapy and learning.

As part of our Windows 8 announcement, we were excited to give away a Windows Surface RT tablet to a lucky winner along with Microsoft’s Dan Hubbell, Manager of Assistive Technology for Microsoft.

Linda and Microsoft’s Dan Hubbell proudly displaying the Windows Surface RT tablet we were giving way. Loved seeing TalkingTILES running on the big screen in Microsoft’s Windows 8 display in the background
And the moment we’ve been all waiting for… the draw!

And our happy winner! Melissa Hughes from the San Diego Unified School District.

Congratulations from the entire Mozzaz team!

Thanks to all the great people we met! We look forward to working with you and seeing you again soon!

Team Mozzaz

Symbol or Real Image – does it make a difference?

Different AAC users have different AAC needs. The fact that TalkingTILES is so customizable and adaptable means that it can meet more needs for more users.

When you download the TalkingTILES app, your free trial subscription to the CareFusion Cloud gives you access to several image libraries – over 50,000 images all in all. Bliss, Symbolstix, Mulberry, Pictograms, Sclera, and soon to be added, Widgit. But within the depth of the variety of the images, there are some users who just can’t communicate with any of those 50,000 images.


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