Backing Up Your Speech Pages

One of the great features of TalkingTILES is the ability to back up your speech pages on the Mozzaz CareFUZION cloud, which allows for you to access the same speech pages on different devices.

Backing up your speech pages is easy!

To begin, enter your edit mode by hitting the edit button in the top right hand corner three times. This will put you into edit mode.

From here, select the SP Admin button – the third button in from the left side of the screen. This will open up your “Device SP View” screen. Here you will see a list of all the speech pages you have on your current device.

Select the speech pages you wish to back up by clicking on the speech page name – you can select as many as you want at one time – and then click the “Upload button.” You will be redirected to the “Select A Customer” page where you can choose where you want to upload the page to. Your name (or the user’s name) will appear here, along with Public folder. Click on your name and hit “Upload.” A confirmation prompt box will appear where you select “Upload” again.

You have just successfully uploaded speech pages! Now when you access TalkingTILES on other devices, you can download these speech pages onto them.

And guess what….it’s just as easy to download pages as it was to upload!

Follow the same first couple steps as above – go into edit mode and select SP Admin. On your “Device SP View” page, click on the “Click for Cloud SP” button in the top left hand corner. This will take you to the “Select a Customer” page. Click on your name/the user’s name, and then click “View Cloud SP.”

From here, you will see a list of the all the pages you have saved to the cloud. Select the pages you wish to download to your current device, and then click the “Download button.” Confirm on the confirmation prompt box.

Voila! You have just synced your devices!

Here’s an extra tip – to access readymade pages in the public folder, follow the same steps listed above for downloading, but instead of selecting your own name, select “Public.” Browse through the page listings and download any that you want.

Stress Awareness Month

Seems like April is many things: Autism Awareness, Parkinson’s Awareness, even Distracted Driving Awareness Month. It’s also Stress Awareness Month. We can all relate to stress and its effects on us. Stress can effect in our bodies in a multitude of ways – from headaches, to blood pressure, to digestion issues – it’s not a fun ride for anyone. We know it can physically take a toll, but what about mentally? Depression, eating disorders, alcohol and drug abuse, anxiety, lack of focus – these are but a few.

There are many simple ways to distress during the day (throwing your chair out of the window may seem like a stress relieving action, but believe us when we say it only brings about more…!)
Infographic Source:

  • Turn off your computer screen, close your eyes, and take 5 deep breaths. Try to remove the distractions around you and focus on your breathing.
  • Go to and browse for about 5 minutes. Cute animals are always a great distraction and make you smile.
  • Create a to-do list (although this in itself can be stressful!) and be sure to include even the simple tasks like checking your email, printing out a document, and setting a reminder call. As you complete each task during the day, strike them off. Seeing your progress will help to make you feel positive and less stressed.
  • Download The Mindfulness App from iTunes. For just $2 it’s built to help you with mediation and be mindful of your inner-self and the world around you.
  • Have a dance party! Put on your favorite song and dance around. Do it alone or with someone else, a dance around the room will up your energy and make you smile.

If you are struggling with stress levels, consulting your family doctor is a good idea.

Autism - Be Heard Around the World

April 2 is globally recognized as World Autism Awareness Day.  Back in 2007 the United Nations General Assembly declared this day as a day to bring the world’s attention to Autism - a pervasive disorder that effects 1 in 88 children.

To help celebrate this day, we are offering a discount on the CareFUZION cloud service that works with TalkingTILES.  By entering the discount code of WAADTT you can save 40%!

If you are in the Waterloo Region today, be sure to stop by the Uptown Waterloo Public Square between 11am – 1pm.  There will be great entertainment – live bands, lunch, resource fair, blue nail polish painting station, and more!

Autism Rates Rising

April 2 has been designated globally as World Autism Awareness Day, while the whole month of April is Autism Awareness Month.  While raising awareness, let’s also consider a few facts to think critically about.   Did you know that the most recently released stat is that 1 in 50 kids in America are diagnosed with ASD?  The Center for Disease Control announced this stat last month in March.  This is a drastic increase from the previous stat of 1 in 88.  The CDC, however, stated that different methods were used to collect these recent survey results than that of the older stat that was released in 2008.

So what does this mean? Is the rate of autism actually increasing at a rapid rate, or does it mean that we have a better understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorder, which in turn increases the number of youth diagnosed with ASD?

What we do know for sure is that there definitely needs to be more funding towards helping both children and adults with ASD. The NY Daily News brought up an excellent point in one of their articles – if Autism is shown to be a growing health concern and is becoming more common, governments will be more willing to invest money in healthcare and social programs related to Autism. This could mean less wait times for access to services and more affordable programming and care.

With these promising potentials looming ahead, continued studies on rates and impacts of Autism are more than needed to help urge governments to more supports in place.

TalkingTILES for Kindle

You know what’s amazing?  You know what is even more amazing?  TalkingTILES can now be downloaded via Amazon for your Kindle!!  You know what is even more amazing than that??  We’ve just updated our current versions of TalkingTILES with some great updates to make it even more user friendly.  All in all, it’s been a good week for TalkingTILES!

Our diligent efforts to make TalkingTILES as accessible as possible is proven once again.  We’ve spent the time and effort into adapting our AAC app to yet another device because we know the importance of versatility and personal preference.

About The Kindle:

The Kindle is small, fast, and lightweight.  It is one of the top e-readers out there, and its ability to run apps makes it more than just an e-reader, but a great choice as an android tablet.  TalkingTILES can be downloaded to any version of the Kindle: Kindle Fire (1st generation), Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Fire HD 8.9.

About our Updates:

Key TalkingTILES 1.1 features include:

  • animation and tooltips for users
  • ability to delete a Speech Page in the Cloud
  • ability to rename a Speech Page
  • Speech Page limit has been increased to 99
  • Users can now submit Speech Pages into the Public Folder
  • Link to URL function updated so that web page opens up within the app

Be sure to install your updates correctly!  Check out our last post for instructions.

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