Introducing TalkingTILES 2.0 – The Most Versatile Assistive Care App for Individuals & Professionals

The long awaited, feature-packed TalkingTILES 2.0 is now complete and will be in your favourite app store (Apple, Google Play, Amazon Kindle & Windows) very soon!

Since the launch of TalkingTILES 1.0 back in November 2012, we’ve been humbled by the amazing response and number of downloads that happened so quickly. With thousands of users worldwide we worked diligently to gather your feedback, listen to your reviews and your awesome stories on how TalkingTILES has helped you or someone you care for. We assembled all the feedback and in less than a year have released 2.0 that drastically expands the usability of TalkingTILES in many more scenarios including communication (AAC), learning, assisted daily living and collaborative care for mental and behavioral disorders.

Here’s a quick overview of the new 2.0 features. We will be publishing a series of articles over the next several weeks with more in-depth tips and tricks to the new features – so stay tuned!

New Demo Sample Pages
We’ve added a set of demo sample pages that will introduce you to the new features in 2.0 easily and conveniently. Once you install the app click YES to download the sample pages for you to explore all from within TalkingTILES!

Custom Page Layouts
Change the number of tiles and their size on the page. Create large tiles for easy navigation and touch or show only the number of tiles you need.

Tiles Size, Color and Spacing
Change the tile size including the placement of the image and word in the tile for improved visual placement. Changing color and spacing between tiles enables users to design pages for accessibility and color coding.

Speech Bar – On or Off
TalkingTILES is being used for more than AAC Communication where it’s being used for learning, visual schedules and daily living assistance. In these scenarios there isn’t a need for a Speech Bar so you now have the ability to turn this feature on or off depending on your scenario.

True Multilanguage Support
TalkingTILES can now save special characters including language character sets (such as accents, Chinese and Japanese characters) that will speak accurately and with the right pronunciation for over 30 different languages. Check out our languages folder for ready-made language pages in our Public Library.

Expanded Ready-Made Content
Many users expressed their appreciation of our Public Library so we added new content and organized them under meaningful folders for quick access. We have over 100 ready-made pages in the library currently and regularly adding more.

Advanced Color Settings
We’ve added a number of advanced color settings that can be applied at the page level and tile level. This allows users to create rich and effective color themes that can be used for accessibility and/or color coding vocabulary and options. The possibilities are endless!

As you can see we’ve been busy and we can’t wait for you to try it and share your stories with us! Again, stay tuned for additional articles and webcasts on these new features and capabilities and keep an eye out for your TalkingTILES app update notification through your app store!

All the best!

Rini @ Mozzaz

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