True Multilanguage Support in TalkingTILES 2.0

We have users from all over the world, and through our voice engines (Google, Microsoft and iSpeech) have the ability to speak over 30 different native languages and now with TalkingTILES 2.0 we are able to save those special non-English characters from our supported languages.

The following are the languages supported through the iSpeech voice engine:

With TalkingTILES 2.0, non-English character sets can now be saved, such as in this example of traditional Chinese:

In TalkingTILES, select the TTS (voice output) engine to use. The richest voice engine currently in our library is the iSpeech TTS engine.

Under the SETTINGS Option, select TTS Settings. From there select iSpeech and the language you wish to use. In this example we have selected “Chinese Female”.

Enter your letters for the word for a tile and save.

Clicking on the tile should now speak the word in the language chosen in iSpeech with the characters used.

We will be posting ready-made sample pages in the Public Library for every supported language we have in iSpeech so be sure to visit the Public Library to explore.

We look forward to hearing your stories and how our language support is helping you with assistive care!

All the best!
Rini @ Mozzaz

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