TalkingTILES Consulting Psychologist Dr. Reynolds and ABA Therapy

"Experience has shown that a child’s progress in ABA directly related to the extent to which his or her parents are involved in his or her teaching/training."

TalkingTILES consulting psychologist Dr. R Reynolds has been working with autistic children for the past 15 years. His career first lead him to working with adults, but his interest in children with special needs - particularly autism - stemmed from his daughter’s work with autistic children. With his interest sparked, he began researching extensively and reaching out to colleagues with further inquiry. Towards the end of his lifelong career, he found a niche of working with autistic children, and now in his semi-retired state, he continues to provide services and has even written a book to help parents and other professionals gain a better understanding to introducing and integrating Applied Behaviour Analysis in a child’s care and routine.

Dr. Reynolds’ book, Teaching Children with Autism: An ABA Primer, is written in a simple and direct manner. His intended audience is both parents and therapists, with the stress that parents need to be actively engaged in carrying through the ABA therapies at home.

A key message that Dr. Reynolds hopes readers walk away with is that people need to be aware that a diagnostic label is simply just a label. If a child is diagnosed with autism, there is no answer to why or how; doctors are not able to yet distinguish what causes autism. Remembering that the person is an individual with their own unique strengths and weaknesses is a key factor to their development. Therapy and treatment plans must be developed according to the individuals needs.

Over the next few months we will share blogs and webinars with Dr. Reynolds regarding his book and his experiences in working with autistic children. Currently, his book can be purchased through his publisher, Lulu, on Amazon, and Parentbooks in Toronto, Ontario. In future, his book may be available through Chapters. You can also read his personal blog, RMReynoldsBlog.

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