Greater Customizability & Expanded Use Cases

The current update to TalkingTILES is definitely a milestone release that we’re excited about! This latest release includes a feature that we’ve been asked about many times – “grid customization.” Grid customization enables you to modify the number and size of Tiles on a page. You can have a single large Tile displayed or a maximum of 24 Tiles. In version 2.0 – set to release in June 2013 – we’ll be extending custom grids to support smartphones (iPhone, Android and Windows Phones) since the page views can be modified to fit the mobile phone screen in a more usable format.

Here are some examples of how TalkingTILES can be used in different ways beyond just AAC:


Math Exercises:

Behavior Management:

Note, phone support will be in v2.0 scheduled for a June release. But look at the flexibility and power of custom grids for a phone.

These are just some examples of what custom grids will allow users to do. We will continue to build on this fundamental feature by building more advanced features such as different image and font sizings and label-image placement in the upcoming releases.

Stay tuned!
Team Mozzaz

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