‘Ask The OT’

Have you ever walked out of your therapists office thinking “What on earth did he just say?” If so, you aren’t alone

Dr. Frederick B. Covington, OT, of Maryland, has been putting together a series of short videos to help clients better understand what they are hearing from their therapists. He takes topics, such as Sensory Diets, Visual Memory, and Executive Functional Disorders, and breaks them down - he gives the medical definition, then explains in an everyday manner what they mean. He will often provide scenarios to further demonstrate.

We will be featuring Dr. Covington's video series, Ask the OT, on our website starting in May 2013. Dr. Covington has been a practicing Occupational Therapy for 10 years. He has been working in the areas of pediatrics, school based intervention, autism, developmental disabilities, physical disabilities and dysfunctions, technology, and geriatrics. He understands that not all patients and their families understand what different medical terms and treatments are; he strives to provide the information to make treatment planning and understanding easier.

We’ll begin posting Dr. Covington's videos later this month for you to watch. To view them, simply login to your My Mozzaz account and click on the Events button where you will find "Ask the OT" postings.

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