TalkingTILES – Guide on Installation

TalkingTILES version 1.1 has just been released.  It has some great new features, such as increasing the  speech pages to 99 and tooltips.  We want to make sure that everyone has the chance to access these new updates, so we thought we'd provide some instructions on how to install correctly.

How to Correctly Install the Update

To correctly install this update, you must first uninstall the current app.  Before uninstalling, please be sure to upload your speech pages to the cloud.  For details on how to upload your speech pages, please view Lesson 7 on our tutorial videos.

After you have uploaded your speech pages, uninstall your existing app.   Typically, this is done through the settings feature on your device.  If you are unsure how to uninstall an app from your device, follow these instructions for Android, Windows 8, and Apple.

Once this uninstallation is complete, you can download the new version by visiting the appropriate app store for your device.  Your saved speech pages on the cloud can be downloaded to your new version, as noted in Lesson 8 on our video tutorials.

Important note for users who have already downloaded or whose app has been auto-updated

For users who have either updated their app without first uninstalling, or whose devices have auto-updated, you may experience technical difficulty.  If you see a screen such at the one shown here when you open the app, it indicates that you have encountered technical issues.  Please contact our support team immediately for help on resolving this issue.  Email us at

Features of TalkingTILES 1.1

  • Enhanced the Link to URL functionality to display the new webpage within the app
  • Ability to rename your speech pages
  • Added animations and tooltips to guide you within the app
  • Functionality to delete the speech pages from the cloud
  • Ability to publish speech pages to the “Public” folder
  • Added the colour black to tile colour options
  • Bug fixes such as more meaningful messages, etc.

Let us know what you think!  We are always taking feedback into consideration – for example, we had enough requests to add in the feature of making a tile black that we decided to make it part of version 1.1!

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