TT Tip: Creating ‘Jump Start’ Pages

There are different ways to navigate and create navigation with TalkingTILES. The below are some of the more common methods we’ve seen in practice:

1. The Favorites Bar

We have the “Favorites Bar” which contains the Start Page and 3 favorite pages that can be defined.

The favorites can be selected from the Settings feature in the EDIT mode.

2. The Speech Page Selector

When you have many pages, you can quickly view them by using the Speech Page Selector.

The Page Selector will show all the pages in a 6x4 grid for 24 pages. For more than 24 pages they will be shown as a list. Clicking on the page will navigate you to that page. The pages are listed in alphabetical order for quick searching.

3. The Jump Start Page

The other way to create easy navigation is to create a “page of pages” or a jump start page. This page consists of Tiles that basically link-to other pages. You can create a nice visual list of the different pages you have and place them in any order you wish (versus the alphabetical order in the Page Selector view).

Here are a couple of examples

The advantage of jump start pages, is that you can put them in any order you wish and can have as many jump start pages as you may need and order them in a logical way for easy navigation.

Let us know how you make you and share with us your creativity and what works for you!

All the best – Team Mozzaz!

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