The Widgit Symbol Library

The Widgit Symbol Set has been developed over the past 30 years and contains more than 12,000 symbols, which cover an English vocabulary of over 40,000 words.

Widgit Symbols are used all over the world, supporting 17 languages, and we’re proud to have them as part of the TalkingTILES library of symbols.

The symbol set is organized in a schematic structure with ‘rules’ for the way in which they are formed. Widgit offers a great user’s guide on how to effectively use this set for learning and communicating. Below is an overview of how the symbols are organized:

The Widgit Symbol Set is organized into clear and simple categories and sub categories, for ease of reference and location. The symbols conform to a clear schematic structure to help learners develop their vocabulary independently.

Refer to Widgit’s Guide to Symbols – a great resource for learning and utilizing this symbol set.

The vocabulary illustrated by Widgit Symbols covers an extensive range of topics, including a wide range of curriculum areas such as Science and Math.

Learn more about the “Level of Symbols” and “Qualifier” symbols being used by Widgit.

Try out Widgit Symbols from TalkingTILES and share with us your stories!

All the best – Team Mozzaz!

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