TalkingTILES + Windows 8 = Compelling Assistive Technology

On February 28th, we proudly announced our newest member to the TalkingTILES family – Windows 8! With Windows finally coming into the tablet world with some great devices that perform really well and their own app Store makes the whole tablet / mobile computing world a little more interesting.

Why Windows 8?

·         Windows is Assistive Ready

o   Windows Ease of Access Center runs in Windows 8 with some additional features including Narrator and a screen reader, an enhanced Magnifier for the new Windows 8 Modern UI Tile screen and the enhanced Speech Recognition feature.

·         More than just Surface tables – device choice!

o   Windows 8 is the touch-friendly operating system that can run on PC desktops and tablet computers. This includes non-touch computers as well as the newer touch screen laptops, hybrids and tablets. Big screen all-in-ones like a 27” Acer to the smaller 10” Surface tablets.

o   Check out all the latest models on Microsoft’s PC site – pretty impressive:

·         Windows supports adaptive hardware

o   With Windows 8 support for USB and Bluetooth makes adding adaptive hardware to your Windows 8 device very functional. Check out the great products at Enablemart:

Also read how TalkingTILES supports these devices in other posts: Switches and Accessibility.

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