Give your AAC Device a Distinct Voice

Communication is a very personal interaction – being able to express your thoughts and feelings in the words you want can be both empowering and liberating.  Therefore, programming an AAC device with the words that the user would want to say is important to help them feel heard.

When programming an AAC device, consider the following:

  • Choose a voice that fits with the user – gender and age, accent and language
  • What are topics that the user would want to talk about?
    1. Consider their daily activities, interests, and the people in their lives
    2. What are messages that they need to say
  • Consider wording and phrases that the people around them use, which they in turn would like to say back, i.e. “thanks” instead of “thank you” or “Sweet!” instead “That is great!”
  • Create boards that will be for specific activities – ones for school, home, play, going to Grandma’s, etc.

By allowing the user to express themselves in a personalized manner, they will be able to share more of their personality and be able to reduce frustration levels.

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