We’d Love for You to Like Us – and not just because we are so versatile!

Since TalkingTILES can run on pretty much any device – Android, Apple, and Windows – we want to prove it to you!  We already gave away a Microsoft Surface Tablet at the ATIA Orlando Conference, and now we are giving away a Google Nexus on our Facebook contest page.  Simply ‘Like’ our Facebook page and enter the contest.

Did you know that TalkingTILES is one of the only AAC apps out there that is configured to work on more than one platform?  We had such a great response from attendees at the ATIA Conference – they were thrilled to learn that their clients/students could be using an iPad while at school, and then use an Android tablet when they got home.

Here are 5 great reasons about the versatility of TalkingTILES:

  1. If your device breaks your TalkingTILES app and account are safely stored in the Cloud – it is not lost.  Replacing your device can be affordable and time sensitive.
  2. If you leave your device at home, you can still access TalkingTILES on another device wherever you are.
  3. Some mobile devices are more expensive than others – you can buy the one that fits in your price range and run TalkingTILES from it with no worries.
  4. You have the option to use devices of different sizes.  At home you could use one with a larger screen, while carry around a smaller one for excursions away from home.
  5. With so many devices to choose from, there is no need worry about which one your therapist/SLP is using.  They can upload and download speech pages from their device and sync it automatically with yours.

Our device versatility is just one of the many reasons we are so Affordable, Adaptable, and Accessible!

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