• ASHA12

    The bags are packed, posters and handouts all printed and looking nice, gear sorted – iPads, Androids, Windows 8 tablets and laptops, wires, extension cords, demo scripts, press release kit, wireless keys, promo items, shirts, and comfy shoes are all set to go! ASHA 2012 – here comes TalkingTILES!!

    This is going to be a special show with the release of TalkingTILES v1.0. We’ll be proudly displaying and demoing it to the ASHA crowd with a big smile on our face!

    If you’re attending – please pop by booth #641 for your chance to win a new iPad Mini or a Google Nexus with a fun TalkingTILES contest!

    Look for our live Tweets and updates from the show.

    Team TalkingTILES!

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