• Oh No! We broke our iPad

    So we get notified from our son’s Autism school that he broke his iPad and can’t use any of the apps! I just knew one day this would happen – and BAM – did it ever! Apparently, the iPad slipped out of its protective cover and fell corner first on to the floor shattering the screen to an unusable state.

    But luckily we didn’t lose any of his AAC programming and speech pages thanks to TalkingTILES., AAC programming, as you may know, is a time-consuming task to get all the words, symbols and vocabulary just right. Luckily we have a laptop and an older and much cheaper Kobo e-Reader (running Android) that runs TalkingTILES just fine! So the beauty of it is we didn’t have to wait to purchase a new iPad – we had instant access to his speech pages on our Kobo 7” e-reader and on our computers. 

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