What is TalkingTILES

TalkingTILES is a touch-based Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC) application that runs on all major mobile platforms and on any computer. It is a full-featured, customizable assistive speech application. It can be personalised so that children and adults affected by a speech or language disorder can communicate with the world around them using symbols and visual words.

Features & Benefits

  • Easily use and manage images, symbols, words, layouts, audio and voice output.
  • Create and manage multiple speech pages for home, school,routines, visual schedules and more.
  • Access fully customizable vocabulary sets based on picture symbols or personalized images.
  • Available on all popular tablets and smartphone platforms including Apple, Android and Windows.
  • Supports cross-team and cross-technology collaboration through Mozzaz CareFUZION.
  • Through the CareFUZION subscription service access to ready-made content and libraries.(ie. vocabulary pages, voice)

Who Should Use TalkingTILES?

TalkingTILES is a valuable resource for individuals with a language or speech disorder, their families, caregivers, and team of support workers. This includes individuals with who have a communication disability brought on by a neurological disorder (such as Autism, Cerebral Palsy, ALS or Parkinson’s) and those who have suffered a trauma (such as stroke or brain injury).

Families & Individuals

Individuals as well as their supporting family members or care givers want to make sure their therapy and learning content is always kept up to date and accurate. Mozzaz provides the most flexible and secure way of collaborating with your therapy and educational team to ensure the programming is timely and relevant.

Therapists & Educators

TalkingTILES provides a unique opportunity for care professionals who work with speech clients. Through Mozzaz CareFUZION, professionals can remotely program their client’s speech and communication profiles and remotely collaborate with families and team members boosting your productivity and efficiency. Expand your AAC practice by becoming a certified TalkingTILES specialist by joining our Mozzaz Professional Partner Program (MP3) which includes learning, support and licenses for assessments and AAC evaluations. To learn more contact us at mp3@mozzaz.com.

Five Reasons to Choose

We can run on ANY mobile device – Apple, Android & Windows. Find the right device that meets your needs & requirements!

We support REMOTE AAC PROGRAMMING - program pages through your own device or computer and remotely sync across your support team or your client's devices!

REMOTE COLLABORATION and AAC content sharing across your support team and your client. Save time & be more productive!

Access TalkingTILES CLOUD SERVICES – largest collection of symbol libraries, voices, languages & ready-made content. Always expanding with new content and services.

And finally – our pricing & subscription model works the way you work! FREE for Professionals with an affordable plan for clients.

Subscription Plans

Subscription plans available through our Mozzaz CareFUZION service allow you to:
  • Collaborate with your team of therapist, educators and other support workers by sharing data and content
  • Remotely program app from any device – such as your home computer or your therapists computer, and sync across all devices
  • Access extensive symbol libraries with over 50,000 images and symbols, and 30 voices and languages
  • Operate from any major mobile device Securely backup speech pages
  • Easily add or remove members to your support team to ensure the correct people have access


CareFUZION Subscription Plans for For Individuals

  • Free Trial 15 Day Free Trial - Full Access
  • Monthly $10 per month
  • 6 Month $49.99 (save 20%)
  • 12 Month $99.99 (save $20)
  • Unlimited $299.99 (one-time payment for full access)
  • Site License Special site licensing available for organizations

    • Professionals, learn more about our Mozzaz Professional Partner Program (mp3) and how we can help support and help you build your assistive technology practice. Contact us at mp3@mozzaz.com to learn more.

Try for Free

Download TalkingTILES for free on your mobile device.

Don’t have a mobile device? TalkingTILES run on your desktop through the Google Chrome Browser.

Register now for your 15 day free trial to the Mozzaz CareFUZION cloud service.

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