What is CarePRO?

CarePRO is a solution for care providers to manage and interact with their clients collaboratively. CarePRO automates clinical and care delivery practices resulting in end-to-end care delivery. Based on over 30 years of clinical care management expertise, CarePRO is now deployed through cloud and mobile technologies to lower costs and to increase accessibility, availability, and can be used anywhere from any device. Finally, there is a proven solution for smaller organizations.

Who uses CarePRO?

CarePRO is used by healthcare professionals involved with managing and delivering therapy services to their clients from small independent clinics or professionals to larger organizations with large care teams.

  • Care Workers (front-line) – Therapists, Health Care Workers, Support Workers, Counsellors, and Educators as they work with their clients during therapy or learning.
  • Clinical Administrators & Managers to manage resources and all aspects of caseload management for their practice.

Why CarePRO?

CarePRO enables the care team to manage their client and caseloads through direct integration with therapy tools and apps (such as TaklingTILES and CareTILES) their client may be using as part of their treatment. This direct integration and automatic data capturing helps eliminate the following problems:

  • Inefficient and inaccurate reporting and record
  • The lack of current and timely information and treatment data for driving outcomes
  • The lack of coordination and communication with the care provider team and clients and their family members


Subscription Plan

CarePRO connects to the Mozzaz CareFUSION cloud service to collaborate with their client and store their client records and treatment plans. Affordable and flexible subscription plans are available that provide you with mobile access of CarePRO from any device running anywhere.